South Korean shipbuilding industry set up "prosper

Release time:2021-06-21 20:57

As Gao said at the new year's party meeting of Korean shipbuilding Association, the global call for "green" of ships is growing. International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules and standards for energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and maritime safety of ships are used to deal with the changes in shipbuilding market. Then, these changes will become a good opportunity for ship enterprises to seize the market, It will become a new element of the competitiveness of the shipping enterprises. He said that Korean shipbuilding enterprises should maintain the accumulated shipbuilding industry strength and ship construction technology strength accumulated over the past years. On this basis, "in the future, they should have marine equipment technology, improve the design capacity of marine industry, improve the localization rate of materials and equipment supporting marine equipment, and further consolidate the foundation of marine equipment. Therefore, the company will strengthen the foundation of marine equipment, The ship enterprises should strengthen the cooperation relationship with small and medium-sized supporting enterprises in an all-round way.

For the offshore industry market, the Korean shipping industry agrees that the better momentum of the international marine industry market in 2012 will continue this year. Haigong is a strong point of Korean shipping enterprises, and they are expected to receive a considerable number of offshore equipment orders. The market information held by South Korea shows that this year, offshore oil and gas fields in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia have increased the demand for marine equipment. For example, in Russia, oil and gas fields such as Sakhalin, European North Sea, Asian coastal area, northwest Australia sea area and the Middle East and the coast of Brazil may order a batch of marine equipment this year, The oil companies that develop the above oil and gas fields are mostly old customers of Korean shipping companies, so Korean shipping companies are likely to take orders. South Korean shipbuilding industry predicts that the order for drilling vessels will reach about 35 this year, and Korean shipping companies are expected to get orders of about 30. In addition, the shipbuilding industry in South Korea is optimistic about LNG ships and their derived offshore equipment market, which is based on the expansion of LNG consumption demand and the export of LNG by the United States.

Response: adjust the management policy, strengthen the body and health of the three shipping enterprises

The general manager of modern heavy industry, Samsung Heavy Industry and Dayu shipbuilding ocean all believe that the world economy in 2013 is still in crisis period, and the depression of shipbuilding and shipping market is likely to be "long-term". Therefore, enterprises should take measures to deal with it and strive for the best results.

Modern heavy industry said that to establish a "flexible production system" to deal with the crisis all year round, to strengthen business forces and fundamentally improve "physical fitness", the priority goal of all business departments is to ensure sufficient work volume. Therefore, we should carry out "offensive" business activities, timely and accurately predict and grasp the trend and direction of market changes, so as to formulate the countermeasures to minimize the risk. In addition, we should improve the design and production technology, improve the production efficiency, improve the talent structure, reduce the cost of production in an all-round way, and innovate the traditional working mode, and transform some departments with high cost and low efficiency into low cost and high efficiency departments.

Therefore, Li Zaicheng, general manager of modern heavy industry, put forward the operation policy this year: strengthening "internal and practical operation" to cope with the deterioration of internal and external business environment; To build a long-term crisis response system to deal with the increase of economic uncertainty and instability; Establish and promote the "differentiated" industrial strategy of business with competitors; Strengthen the core strength through screening and concentration; Promote safety production; We will continue to work hard to establish a harmonious labor relations.

Gaozahao, general manager of Daewoo shipbuilding, said that in order to deal with the crisis and challenges, all staff should have higher enthusiasm, be prepared thoroughly, resolutely fulfill the product quality and delivery period promised to customers, and improve the market's trust in enterprises. Nowadays, the world economy is "bumping" in the unstable air flow. The "tendon" of Daewoo shipbuilding competitiveness is energy-saving and environmental protection ships, land and sea engineering projects and wind power generation equipment. The enterprise will continue to invest in R & D and production facilities in these fields. 2013 will be the first year for Daewoo shipbuilding ocean to become the largest shipbuilding marine epcic (one-stop service enterprise from design, procurement, construction to installation and commissioning). The three principles of Dayu operation proposed by Gao zahao are: focusing on core business departments, improving production process, emphasizing trust and enthusiasm and production safety first corporate culture.

In his new year's speech, park Daying, general manager of Samsung heavy industry, said that the order amount of its ships and marine engineering will reach $13billion this year, of which the order amount of marine engineering will reach more than $10billion. "The shipbuilding market will continue to be in a recession. We will adjust the focus of shipbuilding industry from ship construction to marine equipment, integrate the R & D and design institutions of shipbuilding and marine equipment, so as to establish a composite production system for ship construction and marine equipment.". We will ensure sufficient strength of designers at all levels, and timely and accurately collect relevant information about main supporting materials and equipment of ship and marine engineering equipment. Onshore and offshore wind power generation equipment and deep sea equipment are two new business departments of Samsung heavy industry. This year, these two new departments will bring about "fruits", and all relevant business departments in the enterprise shall give them great support. "

For the new year's operation policy of the three major shipping enterprises, the South Korean financial circles and related industries commented that the general commercial ship market has been in a severe cold in recent years, with only the market of land-use equipment and marine equipment showing certain vitality. In view of this market environment, Korean shipbuilding enterprises will still focus on this field this year; In addition, these enterprises will actively attack the market of energy-saving and environmental protection commercial ships and land and sea wind power equipment.

It is reported that the target amount of the receipt of the orders for modern heavy industry, Samsung Heavy Industry and Dayu shipbuilding ocean this year is 29.7 billion US dollars (including modern three lakes heavy industry), US $14.2 billion and $13billion.